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Gen. Wesley K. Clark
Gen. Wesley K. Clark (ret.)
NATO, Kosovo, Former Yugoslavia and the latest on Wesley K. Clark
Ann Sauronova
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Last update 14 Mar. 2006
Extreme Tracking

U.S.A. UNDER ATTACK AND THE ALLIED RESPONSE Suicide plane attacks on U.S., war in Afghanistan, Clark about Iraq...
Last update 10 Feb. 2004

YUGOSLAVIA/SERBIA AFTER THE KOSOVO WAR Yugoslav velvet revolution, handover of Milosevic to ICTY and further political events in Serbia-Montenegro
Last update 14 Mar. 2006

THE EARLY DEPARTURE Wesley Clark's departure from the post of SACEUR
Last update 17 Dec. 2003

NATO - ICTY NATO cleared of war crimes charges in Kosovo war
Last update 1 Dec. 2000

THE ALLIANCE NATO members at Kosovo war and after
Last update 16 Dec. 2003

AFTER DEPARTURE Wesley Clark after the end of his military carreer
Last update 15 Mar. 2004

PROFILE Wesley Clark's profile and ancestry
Last update 14 Dec. 2003

LESSONS OF KOSOVO NATO's lessons of Kosovo campaign
Last update 26 Dec. 2003

VICTORY How NATO won the Kosovo war
Last update 17 Dec. 2003

AWARDS Wesley Clark's awards
Last update 11 Feb. 2004

FIGHTING IN MACEDONIA Conflict in Macedonia and NATO's operation Essential Harvest
Last update 1 Oct. 2001

EUROPE'S DEFENCE Development of Europe's defence structures
Last update 11 Mar. 2001

PRESIDENT BUSH AND NATO G.W. Bush wants to end U.S. peacekeeping role in the Balkans
Last update 7 Jan. 2001

Last update 5 Mar 2004

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